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Designing Future-Proofed Maker Spaces

From tinkering labs to fabrication studios, “maker spaces” are popping up at schools worldwide. Some question if these new classrooms are a passing fad or if they represent the future of hands-on learning. Leaders in the maker ed movement from Katherine Delmar Burke School will share how they transformed 2 existing classrooms into cutting edge maker spaces over the course of a summer without a major construction project or capital campaign. Hear 9 guiding principles, grounded in student-centered learning & research-based pedagogy, that they used to create “The Makery” at Burke’s - flexible, dynamic, & ever-evolving learning spaces designed to be both relevant today & stand the test of time.

Learning Objectives

  1. Articulate why maker spaces are relevant to 21st century learning.
  2. Establish guiding principles for designing a future-proofed maker space - one that, by design, is able to meet ever-changing and evolving needs.
  3. Identify potential pitfalls that need to be considered in order to ensure that money is well spent developing and staffing maker spaces.



Mike Matthews, Dir of Curriculum & Innovation, Katherine Delmar Burke School

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