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SXSWedu 2016

Meeting the Needs of Trans* Kids

The cultural climate and the law have become more accommodating towards the rights and needs of transgender people. People are more comfortable sharing their true gender identity with their families and friends, which ultimately leads to the need to transition publicly. As educators, we need to be aware of these needs, too, so that we can create nurturing learning environments for all of our students. This workshop aims to explain the concept of gender variance, highlight some of the cultural and legal struggles transgender individuals experience, and help educators brainstorm how they can best serve these students in their home educational settings.

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  1. Understand how school significant non-discrimination laws such as the Equal Access Act and Title IX protect transgender students from discrimination.
  2. Become sensitive to the range of individual and cultural differences around gender non-conformity experienced by faculty, students, parents and others
  3. Collaborate using own professional ethical values and knowledge to create an environment that encourages diversity and non-discrimination for all.


  • Jessica Floresta, Sex Educator, Widener University
  • Erin Crabill, Sex Educator, Widener University


Jessica Floresta, Sex Educator, Widener University

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