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SXSW Interactive 2016

Developing News Leadership for the New Normal

Fluid is the new norm in newsrooms, which constantly restructure, invent new job titles and juggle high staff turnover. Nurturing leaders and rethinking hierarchy and management skills for an ever-changing culture are a true challenge -- but not an insurmountable one. In this cross-generational discussion, hear how both established and emerging executives from start-up, blended and legacy newsrooms are preparing the next-level leader. This session will feature members of the Online News Association, who explored this issue with hundreds of colleagues at ONA's annual conference.

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  1. How do we define media leadership skills in the digital era?
  2. How can news leaders create a flexible environment to help develop young talent?
  3. What skills should young media professionals learn to demonstrate they can adapt to shifting cultures and teams?



Trevor Knoblich, Digital Dir, Online News Association

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