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Robots are not scary! Hands-on robots for everyone

Cubelets are a fast and easy way to inspire students to become better thinkers. At Modular Robotics we work with students and educators all over the world harnessing that fun, engagement, and immediate feedback students find in Cubelets to learn and apply 21st century skills. This session will demonstrate how to use robots to teach everything from literacy to life science and from engineering to art. We will present hands-on means of implementing Cubelets to teach literacy, life-science, computational thinking, design thinking, and more! We'll share methods of creating student-centered learning with hands-on technology, and differentiated learning environments that include fun.

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  1. Demonstrate the ease and fun of Cubelets to educators so that adding robotics is "not scary!" for teachers and instructors, regardless of background
  2. Presenting concrete examples of ways to teach diverse topics with hands-on robotics and Cubelets, as well as ways to teach cross-curricularly
  3. Share results including student engagement, learning of concepts, and demonstrable 21st century skills



Christie Veitch, Education Dir, Modular Robotics

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