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SXSW Interactive 2016

Data, Dinosaurs and Democracy: African Newsrooms

Data journalism is essential for providing the citizens of Africa's countries with the tools they need to understand, interrogate, monitor and change the ways their governments operate. This panel discusses the challenges and methods of getting legacy print media organizations to see the value of data journalism, and to understand how it can address the fault lines opening in their industry. We also illustrate, by way of case studies drawn from Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi, Ghana and South Africa, how to successfully implement data journalism projects in resource-starved and technology-compromised newsrooms.

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  1. How do you implement data tools in newsrooms still mired in a print legacy?
  2. How do you get people to use data journalism in an environment where access to technology and connectivity is compromised?
  3. How can data-driven journalism promote democracy in specific African countries.



Chris Roper, Sr Knight Fellow, Code4Africa

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