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SXSW Interactive 2013

Be Intentional, Not Creepy

Customer acquisition is about fishing where the fish are. If you know the history and anatomy of a fish, that’s wonderful, but it will help you more to know what fish like to eat. Companies trying to determine customer intent by demographics come off as creepy and lose out on customers because they are focused on the wrong thing. Retailers don’t need to know that you’re a 30-year-old pregnant woman living in Poughkeepsie in your second trimester—they need to know your intent is to buy shoes. Intent is about actions, queries, clicks and behaviors. This presentation will cover how companies can isolate the Big Data that matters, analyze intent signals and adapt to them in order to offer a relevant and compelling experience the very first time a consumer engages with their brand. By focusing on intents instead of zodiac signs, online marketers can maximize customer conversion without damaging their brands through creepiness.

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  1. How does Big Data play in to all this? Please explain what I need to know about my data in order to analyze it for intent.
  2. Can you explain the specifics on Psychographics vs. Demographics to find the true target; sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which?
  3. Break down analyzing intent, how do I get started?
  4. Is intent really more effective than demographics? Can you provide an example?
  5. What DO demographics tell web marketers that are helpful?



Jennifer Overell, Publicist, Atomic PR

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