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Siri, Google Now, And The End Of Marketing

People love “decision agents” like Siri and Google Now — but they spell the end of marketing as we know it.
Americans receive tens of billions of digital messages every day, and they’re desperate for tools that separate signal from noise. More than 40% use decision agents to organize and filter information. But as people give these decision agents more control over their digital lives, they’ll remove companies’ ability to deliver messages to their customers — even the ones who have already opted in.
This session will explore how decision agents will break the relationship between brands and their customers, and how marketers can treat these tools as an opportunity rather than a threat.

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  1. Why are people adopting decision agents so quickly?
  2. Why do decision agents spell the end of marketing as we know it?
  3. What can brands do to turn decision agents into a tool rather than an obstacle?



Alexandra Donovan, PR Assoc, Forrester Research

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