SXSW Interactive 2013

The Watercooler of 2023: The Future of TV


More than 40% of users use a phone or tablet when they watch TV, and 40% of households will have a DVR in 2015. The the tech-savvy 18-34 demographic in the US will grow to 96M in 2017. What does this mean? “TV” is going to change and they way people converse about it. Time-shifted viewing, differing platforms and new tools will affect the industry. Find out why context and relevance are more important than ever and what will seamlessly bring audiences together.

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  1. What will be in store for the next decade for TV?
  2. How can content creators connect with audiences with regards to differing time when their audience consumes and platforms that their audiences uses?
  3. What key viewing trends and technologies will emerge in the future and what does it mean for the entertainment industry?
  4. As the social TV industry matures, what does this mean for the players in the ecosystem?
  5. How will TV Watching behavior change over the next 10 years and how will that impact the way in which people have watercooler conversations?


  • Somrat Niyogi, CEO, Miso


Somrat Niyogi, CEO, Miso

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