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SXSW Interactive 2016

The Editorial/Product Divide: Co-Founders Clash

A dialogue between two of Vox.com’s co-founders, one focused on the product side of a digital media startup and one on the editorial side. Siloing of product and editorial expertise is bad. But moving from silos to collaboration is easier said than done. One key reason is that meaningful interaction entails friction—it’s not all flowers and sweets.To make meaningful progress, teams need to be willing to embrace a world of friction in which perspectives will necessarily clash. Success doesn’t come from avoiding conflict or wishing it away, it comes from confronting it with honest dialogue and debate about priorities and approaches. Which is what Bell and Yglesias will deliver. Live. On stage.

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  1. What do writers and editors misunderstand about developers and designers?
  2. What does the product world miss about contemporary journalism?
  3. How do you promote peaceable coexistence without simply avoiding interaction?


  • Melissa Bell, Vice President of Growth and Analytics at Vox Media, Vox Media
  • Matthew Yglesias, Executive Editor of Vox.com, Vox Media


Andrea Rogoff, Mktg & Comms Mgr, Vox Media Inc

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