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SXSW Interactive 2016

FoundingBiopharma in a Hard Place: Is India Read

In the 21st century no country has a monopoly on good ideas. Since 2009, Yali Friedman has tracked global innovative life sciences for Scientific American and will discuss key metrics, challenges & opportunities for biotech in emerging markets. The environment for biotech startups in India is improving in part due to the efforts of pioneering scientists like Ananda Chakrabarty, who left India and was awarded the 1st biotech patent in 1980. Susan K. Finston supported India’s re-introduction of biopharma patents in 2005, and co-founded Amrita Therapeutics together with Ananda in late 2008. She will discuss the ongoing adventure for biotech startups in India and lessons learned on the way.

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  1. How are emerging economies transcending innovation bottlenecks in knowledge-economy industries like biotechnology?
  2. What does Scientific American's study of biotechnology in 50+ countries reveal about the future of innovation outside the US?
  3. Is India really ready for biotech startups or is Amrita Therapeutics the exception that proves the rule?



Susan Finston, CEO/Managing Dir, Amrita Therapeutics Ltd

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