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SXSW Music 2016

The New Artist Rights Grassroots Advocacy

Artists are getting involved with advocacy for artist rights at an unprecedented scale. Blogs like The Trichordist and MusicTechPolicy help to get the message out to the community. The #irespectmusic campaign has helped 13,000 plus artists get their message to Congress directly through the irespectmusic.org petition. The #irespectmusic campaign also tackles local issues through city based groups like irespectmusicaustin.org that is supporting venue retention and helping fans and artists communicate with City Hall.

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  1. How can I get involved with local artist rights advocacy?
  2. What is the Fair Play, Fair Pay Act and why should artists get paid for radio airplay?
  3. Who opposes the artist rights campaign and how can we persuade them to stop?



Chris Castle, Founder, Christian L. Castle, Attorneys

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