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SXSW Music 2016

Does Social Media Make Concerts Better?

You’ve seen fans post concert footage on their phone instead of watching the show. They get Likes, but why not just be “in the moment?” Or, is the moment only important when it’s been posted? Social rules almost every experience–but does it improve a live show? Sometimes life says No but fan research says Yes.

70% of millennials feel that social improves live music. The majority share music moments on social from a live event. So, when does social belong and when does it not? How can/should artists and brands take part? Also: remember when radio led you to buy a CD, then a ticket? Now live experiences are leading people to purchase music, and vice versa.

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  1. What sort of social connection are people looking for in the music world? What’s intrusive vs welcomed?
  2. How are millennial behaviors at live music events drastically different than those of the previous generation because of social?
  3. Once airplay drove music purchase, which drove purchase of concert tickets; what are the new factors that decide what music people buy and why?



Graham Nolan, VP Mktg Communications, Momentum Worldwide

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