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SXSW Interactive 2016

Transforming Public Services Using Data Analytics

Today, public sector organisations face the arduous challenge of increasing service breadth and quality in the face of substantial budget cuts. It is vital that these organisations find new ways to make informed, data-driven decisions delivering insight for improved citizen services. Data analytics is the key! Our experience of deploying analytics solutions has shown the value in breaking down information silos and making data easier to share, analyse and consume. This session will illustrate how analytics can rapidly transform public services, with emphasis on better allocation and use of resources. We also examine how this tried-and-tested model can be replicated across numerous domains.

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  1. To outline a blueprint for execution of agile data analytics in the public sector.
  2. To share our experiences in building an analytics platform with a large UK council to identify vulnerable persons during specific disaster scenarios.
  3. To illustrate the sheer potential of utilising existing data to enhance widely consumed public services.



Seamus Sands, Analytics Engineer, Kainos Software

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