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Utilizing Arts to Teach STEM in Early Childhood

Experience how the performing arts enhance STEM knowledge for our youngest learners! Using the performing arts to teach STEM concepts can build vital skills and inspire life-long interest in STEM. In this session participants will learn how to utilize the arts to engage young learners in the discovery processes integral to math, engineering, and the sciences. Attendees will actively participate in dynamic arts experiences to understand the natural connections between the performing arts and STEM, and examine research that confirms the value of arts-integrated learning. Participants will also explore how performing arts strategies can be adapted to meet the STEM needs of their community.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Explore a fresh perspective on STEM learning for young children and understand the connection between performing arts and early childhood STEM
  2. Come away with lessons learned on how teachers can successfully integrate the performing arts and STEM content to improve children’s STEM knowledge
  3. Review and discuss implications of research on the value of performing arts learning and the importance of STEM in early childhood



Jennifer Cooper, Dir, Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts

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