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SXSW Interactive 2016

mHealth Empire: The Rise of the Digital Revolution

Big Data and mobile health are transforming the healthcare landscape. The digital revolution is here and health tech heavyweights are ready to ride the wave. Take a look into the future of drug development and how mHealth technology, including wearables, sensors and apps, are uncovering new “digital biomarkers” and driving a patient-centric research model. The connected patient paired with tech straight out of the Matrix is altering the way we’re collecting and understanding our own data, helping people to better understand themselves today to proactively lead healthier lives tomorrow.

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  1. How will mHealth technology accelerate medical innovation and change the treatment of disease?
  2. What is the “Connected Patient”?
  3. How can we make sure vast amounts of real-time patient data will be used in a safe and regulatory-compliant way?



Nicole Pariser, Dir, Global Public Rel, Medidata Solutions

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