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Deconstructing Philanthropy: The Story of Good

Before digital communications, non-for-profits would message donors using direct mail and pamphlets for donations. Now, the most successful charities are employing stories to inspire and motivate donors and volunteers alike. As Google teaches audiences how to tell stories through digital with their re: brief campaigns, we see that storytelling in the digital age becomes even more essential for non-for-profits. Using the charity: water and several local charities as case studies; we will explore the idea of stories for charities as the ultimate motivator that elevates brand stories into action. Similarly, brands and startups will be able to learn the foundations of digital storytelling in order to communicate with their target audiences.

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  1. How has charity: water used stories to motivate and move their audience?
  2. How does storytelling translate to the digital space?
  3. What is the foundation for storytelling for good?
  4. How can we take the foundations of stories to creative more persuasive campaigns and experiences?
  5. What are other examples that these principles can be applied to?



Raashi Bhalla, Strategist, Razorfish

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