SXSW Interactive 2016

Lets Talk About CX! How Mobile Changes Everything.


The idea that everything your business does should be informed by what your customer wants and needs sounds obvious. So why are so many brands falling short in providing a consistent experience across all touch-points, be it phone, email, in-store, web or mobile?

In this session hear from Customer Experience (CX) leaders on how mobile has evolved from “just another channel” to the key medium in today’s marketplace for connecting and engaging with consumers.

This panel will explain how to deploy mobile across your entire business, ensuring a joined-up CX for todays mobile-first generation; and will demonstrate why Adobe called CX the single most exciting marketing opportunity of 2015.

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  1. What are “mobile moments”, what is the “mobile mind shift”, and how can you leverage mobile engagement for great CX?
  2. What is the behavioral psychology behind Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and how is this changing with our shift from desktop to mobile?
  3. How do personalized recommendations affect mobile commerce, and how can you utilize first-party data effectively?



Oisin Lunny, Sr Market Dev Mgr, OpenMarket

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