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Maker Ed + Youth Entrepreneurship = Opportunity

The Possible Project is an afterschool entrepreneurship program that teaches high school students to start and run their own businesses. We partnered with our local public housing authority and a leading biotech company to launch a Makerspace in the heart of a public housing development located next to Cambridge's thriving innovation economy. We are building paths for low-income youth into the 21st century economy through the following: 1) Hard tech and design training that students use to create products to take to market, 2) Partnerships with local businesses for paid real-world design and business operations projects; 3) Industry mentors who hone students’ skills and grow their networks.

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  1. Learn how youth entrepreneurship provides a clear focus to approaching maker education: to create a design or product with market potential.
  2. Share how paid real-world projects with startup and established tech/biotech companies can intensify students’ learning experience and motivation.
  3. Identify other possibilities at the intersection of maker ed and entrepreneurship, and discuss this strategy’s limits for youth/career development.



Nate Stell, Mgr Strategic Growth & Social Enterprise, The Possible Project

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