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SXSW Interactive 2016

How to Reach Consumers via Less Traditional Sports

When we think of sports and their place in the American cultural landscape, we think of summer nights at the ballpark or the power of brands like the NFL, but do we think bull riding? eSports? Less traditional sports are quickly emerging as avenues for brands, marketers looking to reach passionate sports fans without the high price of engagement that comes w/ more mainstream sports. With more than 300 annual events attended by 3MM people, pro bull riding has proven itself the fastest growing sport in America. Meanwhile, it's estimated gamer numbers now rival the # of traditional sports fans in the world. Hear from leading execs in both sports how best to tap into their growing fan bases.

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  1. How did professional bull riding become America's fastest growing sport over the last two decades, and why is its fan base so appealing to marketers?
  2. Where is the world of eSports headed, and where do the opportunities exist to reach its growing, young audience?
  3. How can brands best connect w/ the fan bases of these less traditional sports, & why is this more appealing than their mainstream counterparts?



Kim Berard, Communications, WME/IMG

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