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SXSW Interactive 2016

Seequ: The Future of Communication & Commerce

With the average smartphone users accessing 27 apps a month and downloading a new app every 3 days, Seequ combines communication, discovery, social networking and internet commerce all under one comprehensive application redefining the way we communicate while disrupting the world of e-commerce.

With incredibly low latency, a full suite of advanced audio and video technology, we'll show you how to send, sign and exchange PDFs, send messages to hundreds of friends or thousands of colleagues, and seamlessly turn them into a well defined easy to manage social circle with 100% organic unrestricted reach.

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  1. How can Seequ's platform minimize effort and reduce costs related to reaching a broader yet targeted audience for your brand?
  2. How does Seequ make multi-platform outreach redundant and unnecessary?
  3. How does Seequ support social and workforce productivity through mass audio and video conferencing?


  • Stephanie A Jelley, Director of Social Responsibility & Community Engagement, Seequ, Inc
  • Eric Swinson, Senior UX Designer, Seequ, Inc.
  • Michael Cunnyngham, Founder & CTO, Seequ, Inc.
  • Brian Esposito, Director of Business Development, Seequ, Inc.


Stephanie Jelley, Dir of Social Responsibility & Community Engagement, Seequ Inc

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