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SXSW Interactive 2016

SXSafari: Applying Ethnography in the Wild

Join us for our SX Service Safari - a fully interactive half-day workshop adventure where you’ll learn the latest ethnographic techniques and apply them right here at SXSW.
The workshop is structured in three stages:
Part one we will introduce ethnographic research: when it should be applied and what it involves. Then together we’ll explore the the different methods and approaches for gathering data.
In part two, we will observe your fellow badgeholders in the wild, using the latest technology like wearable cameras to observe and capture natural "real-life" behaviour.
In part three we will return to the basecamp, analyse our observations and extract unmet needs and opportunities.

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  1. What ethnographic techniques can I use to help to capture rich insight into my audience, customer or users' "real life" behaviour?
  2. What technology can I use to help me in observe my audience, customer or users?
  3. How do I analyse this data to extract insight into audience, user or customers' behaviours or unmet needs to help design better services or products?



John Anthony, UX Consultant, Spotless

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