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Pivoting Your Start Up: A Cautionary Tale

At some point, most all start-ups have to take a good hard look at their original business model and reconsider the direction of the business. Managing change can be a huge challenge, especially with investors and employees who have their own set of expectations. To further compound this difficulty, "pivot" has come to be a dirty word in the media, but shifting your focus doesn't have to be a signal of failure. Learn from start-up survivors who have braved change and come out successful.

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  1. What's the difference between pivoting your business model and evolving your business model?
  2. How do you manage investor expectations as your business grows?
  3. How do you manage employee expectations as your business grows?
  4. How do you manage PR for pivot?
  5. What are the unexpected things you learn when changing your business model?



Tim Gasper, Product Manager, Infochimps, Inc.

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