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SXSW Interactive 2016

Level Up: Overcoming Harassment in Games

A panel from experts on online harassment in gaming and geek culture, how to combat it, how to design against it, and how to create online communities that are moving away from harassment. The panel will dive into data around abuse in larger gaming communities. One of our panelists will talk about about ways to actually develop the social aspects of games - including UI decisions and how they can influence accuracy and usage of reporting abuse. Another will dive into UX design choices to stymy harassment in social media spaces.

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  1. What do affordances of online conversation look like and how do you use design to stimulate a conversational space but also allow for robust privacy?
  2. How do we create an ecosystem with an online gaming space that allows for safety but also the feeling of open communication?
  3. How do we reframe and take back the narrative around game spaces to create inclusivity and diversity amongst gamers?



Caroline Sinders, User Reseacher, IBM Watson

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