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SXSWedu 2016

Let's Have a Clicker Con

I'd like to invite at least the top 5 or more Student Response System or "Clicker" vendors to set up a table to exhibit their products and allow for side by side comparisons. Each company could be given 5 minutes to talk about their product and their unique features. Then the audience would get a chance to walk around to each vendors' table and get some hands on experience. Currently, each of the big three companies have their own users conference. This would be a great chance to bring them all together in one space.

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  1. Introduce those who have never used them to the possibilities of the various clicker systems.
  2. Provide those with some experience with clickers the opportunities to consider other features and applications of the technology.
  3. Provide attendees with the opportunity to see, touch and discuss the various uses of clickers and see how various systems differ.


  • Herb Coleman, Dir. ICT; Adj. Prof. Psych, Austin Community College


Herb Coleman, Dir, ICT / Adj Prof Psych, Austin Community College

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