SXSW Interactive 2016

Can VR Deliver More Emotion than Movies and Games?

Imagine a virtual world where you the creator have complete control where the player literally enters the realm of your imagination and you have direct access to their emotions. Today’s VR headsets stand at intersection of movie like immersion and the compelling interactive agency of games. VR is an empathy machine. Based on the panel’s year of VR development and research it's emotion that unlocks VR’s unprecedented levels of immersion and presence not nice looking 3D art. This panel is a deep dive into 5 new ways to create stronger emotions in VR. Most people assume that the language of cinema and traditional game tropes port well into VR. However, nothing could be further than the truth.

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  1. What is the emerging language of VR to increase emotion and tell stories? How exactly does VR trigger emotions to increase immersion and presence?
  2. What are the ethical challenges of making games in VR? If you made Diablo in VR would it damage a player’s ability to feel empathy?
  3. What specific emotions does VR create? What are 5 ways to trigger them? How close are we to creating the emotions of the holodeck?



Nicole Lazzaro, Pres, XEODesign Inc

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