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SXSW Interactive 2016

Imagining the Future of Personalized Medicine

2014 was a banner year for digital health with over $4B in funding, yet most goes to serve the ‘worried well’. It’s time to reach higher and start solving the harder problems in healthcare. But how? Through wearables and apps that help us change our behaviors? Through smarter drug delivery that harnesses the power of big data and artificial intelligence? Or is there a hybrid yet to be imagined? Jennifer Darmour, wearable tech expert and designer, David O'Reilly, leader in digital medicine, and Alan Levy, veteran innovator of specialty pharma products, debate the best path forward toward more engaging and personalized healthcare and lay out future possibilities that will astound you.

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  1. How can personalized digital medicine help us stop treating patients like sick people and more like individuals on a journey to better health?
  2. Can wearables help society’s sickest people or have they maxed out as a tool to help the privileged? If there's hope, what would that wearable be?
  3. What does good design and good user experience have to do with personalized, digital medicine and how can designers make an impact in healthcare?



Jenny Hapgood, VP Product Mgmt & Mktg, Chrono Therapeutics

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