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SXSW Music 2016

Virtual Reality and the Rebirth of the Music Video

The Music Video heyday has long passed since stations like MTV and VH1 shifted focus to Reality TV and Original Programs. Yet the earning potential of the Music Industry is more reliant on creating experiences than ever. With album sales down, touring and sponsorships have become key. Artists need to provide fans with immersive concert experiences and high value productions to sell tickets, but concerts will never provide the same potential reach as the Music Video once gave. This discussion will delve into how the growth of VR provides a new platform for immersive music content, from Music Videos to Virtual Concert experiences, giving Artists a new outlet to share and monetize their music.

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  1. How can the growth of VR save the Music Video and extend the reach of Live Concerts?
  2. What are some examples of VR already being adopted in the music industry, and how can they take it to the next level beyond 360 video?
  3. What are the challenges in filming and directing for VR Music Video and Virtual Concert experiences?



Randi Brant, COO, Future Colossal

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