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VR Journalism: The Next Disruption


A lot has changed since VR Journalism emerged as a possible platform. There’s more hardware than Oculus; Google and GoPro are collaborative for VR development; and news organizations have begun to produce VR experiences. But is this really the next disruption? Has VR finally gone from hype to reality? Join the “Godmother of VR,” a gaming veteran turned journalist, a director of digital interactives and a professor who believe VR has finally arrived and has found a home in journalism. While it may seem out of reach, learn how newsrooms of nearly any size can create these immersive experiences.

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  1. What the hell does VR Journalism look and feel like?
  2. How can I get started in producing VR experiences for journalism?
  3. Is VR real? It's been promised and hyped up for years... why now?



Robert Hernandez, Assoc Professor of Professional Practice, USC Annenberg School of Communication & Journalism

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