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The STE(A)M Truck story: Mobile Making

Mobile making is picking up speed across the country and the STE(A)M Truck is leading the way. As a young organization, Community Guilds redesigned an old truck and outfitted it with high- and low-tech tools. This mobile model can close the opportunity gap by bringing an engaging program focused on “making” to youth who need this the most, while improving grit, self-confidence, and other non-cognitive factors that boost their odds of future success. Through a recent strategic planning process, they have worked to hone their plan for scaling their work in addition to transforming the way that teachers teach STEM. Come gain ideas for creating your own mobile makerspace.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn tips for creating your own mobile makerspace
  2. Learn about the challenges and tradeoffs of developing plans to scale
  3. Learn about engaging both students AND teachers to transform teaching and learning



Steph Itelman, Assoc Partner, Bellwether Education Partners

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