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SXSW Interactive 2016

Female Empowerment in the Self Made Economy

Media Trailblazer Nely Galan and New Mainstream Futurist Guy Garcia will present ground-breaking research on how women of all races and ethnicities are using social media and sharing economics for personal empowerment and entrepreneurial innovation in the Self Made movement. Session will include presentation of EthniFacts research on the Self Made mind set by Garcia and a discussion led by Galan around insights, themes and case studies from her book, "Self Made by Nely Galan with Guy Garcia," to be published by Random House in March 2016. Extensive book tour sponsored by Coca-Cola. Galan and Garcia will be available for a tandem book signing.

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  1. How are "Self Made" women using social media and sharing economics to create financial independence and personal fulfillment?
  2. What are the steps in creating a Self Made mind set for women who want become self-reliant innovators and successful entrepreneurs?
  3. Why is the confluence of female empowerment, demographic trends and the sharing economy providing the perfect conditions for a Self Made revolution?



Guy Garcia, Pres, EthniFacts

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