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Do Good Work and Everything Else Happens

Hello Design has been in the digital trenches for over a decade, and from there we've grown to admire great design and how it impacts the world we live in. We'll take designers' questions and challenges, and pair them with principles and philosophies from work at brands like Herman Miller, simplehuman and more, to pull back the curtain on how we can collectively push for better design. We'll assess where good design comes from, and the level of risk in not innovating versus taking chances. Sometimes it's a battle against a committee and sometimes it's a battle against ourselves. Get an inside look at what makes design powerful, and help us establish the mindset that “good enough is never enough." Together we'll learn from our quest to be braver businesses that can change the course of our industry, and you'll go home with the right tools to be a better designer.

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Maria Sekar, Assistant Account Director, Powell Communications

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