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SXSW Interactive 2016

The Future of Digital Media is NOT eCommerce

At SXSW 2016, Refinery29 will unveil their research study on how brands can influence buying power rather than focus on taking customer from idea to purchase on e-commerce platforms. The goal for digital media companies should be to create a halo of influence that helps users discover and remember new brands, prompting them to suggest it to friends over brunch or test it out themselves. It’s about being their best friend that they go to for advice and knowledge - not to buy directly from.

Driving consumers direct to purchase isn’t always the way to win. In this session, Refinery29 will prove why influence is king - and can be the most important factor when driving sales.

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  1. Should digital media brands invest in native e-commerce solutions?
  2. If not immediate sales, what is the ROI marketers should be looking for?
  3. Why is influence a stronger global, long term strategy?


  • Benish Shah, Director, Head of Product Marketing, Refinery 29


Benish Shah, Dir/Head of Product Mktg, Refinery 29

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