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SXSWedu 2016

How Do We Track Which School Models Are Effective?

Microschools. Charters. "Innovation" zones. Chances are, you've read about these newer school models in the news. In most cases, these spaces are purported to give educators and administrators a place to experiment with teaching and learning. And even in the straight public school system, practices from makerspaces to virtual learning offer districts the opportunity to see how students learn in spaces beyond four-walled classrooms. But are these new models resulting in positive results for students, and how are we tracking whether or not these experiments are taking the hold we want them to? In fact, what is the end goal in mind--do we need one before we launch these experimental models?

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  1. The general audience will hear and take away school model case studies (private, district public & charter) that account for student progress.
  2. Educators will consider and take away best practices in designing schools while backwards planning for student success.
  3. Administrators and school designers will recognize the merits and setbacks of elements of school model design.



Mary Jo Madda, Editor, EdSurge

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