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SXSW Interactive 2016

How Much Branding Should Be in Branded Content?

It doesn’t matter what we call it – branded content, brand journalism or native advertising – marketers are empowered like never before to tell their stories directly to consumers. The trick is finding the right balance between storytelling that repels the audience because it’s too promotional, and storytelling that fails to deliver the promotional message because it's too subtle. This panel will focus on how to find that balance. We will discuss prominent branded content campaigns and explore why they succeeded or failed. We will also address how to convince skeptical bosses, colleagues and clients that it’s time to invest in content that doesn’t focus squarely on the brand.

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  1. How can marketers strike the optimal balance between content that's too promotional and content that fails to deliver its promotional message?
  2. How can a marketer convince his/her 'old-school' colleague, boss or client that branded content shouldn't focus entirely on the brand?
  3. What makes an audience trust, consume and share branded content?



Erik Deutsch, Principal, ExcelPR Group

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