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SXSWedu 2016

Making Web Literacy the Fourth ‘R’ in Education

In today’s digital world, the ability to explore, create and connect online isn’t an inherent part of our education system. Web literacy is a critical skill that kids, and many adults, need to learn and sharpen – they’re constantly online, using digital tools and devices to consume, but not to create. By 2025, almost 5 billion individuals will be online – up from the 2.9 billion currently on the Web. If equipped with Web literacy education, these new Internet users could unlock tremendous social and economic opportunities. Mark will discuss the importance of Web literacy and explore examples.

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  1. Inform people of the magnitude of the web literacy gap that exists today
  2. Provide an actionable approach to addressing it and highlight real-world examples of these learning tools in use
  3. Outline the social and economic impact of reducing web literacy



Stephanie Libous, Account Exec, Allison+Partners

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