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Opportunity Divide: Math as a Social Justice Lever

Opportunity gaps, especially those linked to mathematics, persist at all levels of education. Algebra has become the gatekeeper for a college education and ultimately, a career. Although the majority of Americans believe math is the most important academic subject, students drop out at higher rates when introduced to harder STEM subjects. For African-American and Latino/a students, dropout rates are close to 40% compared to the national average of 27%. With inequalities in teacher preparation and Common Core implementation, do students really have equal access to higher level math? This panel will discuss inequalities in U.S. math education and the ways we can bridge the opportunity divide.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Audience members will become aware of the vast opportunity divide in math education across racial and economic lines.
  2. Audience members will understand the root of the opportunity divide in math education and the various issues causing it.
  3. Audience members will learn solutions to bridging the opportunity divide in math, as well as formulate solutions to discuss with peers.



Clara Galan, Community Engagement Mgr, Amazon for Education

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