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SXSWedu 2016

Bye PD, Hello LX: Connect, Design, Share

Why LX over PD? With Learner Experience (LX), we listen, iterate, collaborate and utilize high tech and high touch solutions to learn together. Today, you’re the learner. Bring your creativity, an open mind and devices to fully immerse in LX. You’ll craft an essential question to guide your inquiry, act on what matters by identifying core values, dive into the LX process and share the results of your investigation to leverage high impact at SXSWedu and beyond. You’ll also hone those qualitative and quantitative reasoning skills, immerse yourself in data and wrestle with big questions. Come for the peanut M&M’s and leave with LX and a project that impacts your school or organization.

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  1. Model the learner experience process
  2. Identify a question or challenge and work with tools (and each other) to solve it
  3. Create a project that has deep impact at SXSWedu and beyond



Caroline Vander Ark, COO, Getting Smart

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