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SXSW Interactive 2016

Pinterest: It’s More Than Pretty Pictures

Pinterest is so much more than a space for posting pretty pictures. The platform combines ideas, inspirations and intentions unlike any other social channel or website so how can brands capitalize on this prime real estate?

There are elements that separate the good pins from the great, there’s a proven way to measure success, and there’s still a lot to learn. Hear from Kevin Knight, Head of Agency & Brand Strategy at Pinterest, and Jim Rudden, CMO of Spredfast, about what it means to be successful on Pinterest and how your brand can get there.

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  1. What are the essentials for creating an effective brand Pin?
  2. What does success looks like on Pinterest?
  3. How brands are developing winning Pinterest campaigns?


  • Jim Rudden, Chief Marketing Officer, Spredfast
  • Kevin Knight, Head of Agency & Brand Strategy, Pinterest


Samantha Subar, PR, Spredfast

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