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SXSWedu 2016

What Tech Makes Possible in EDU Research

Few educational studies quantitatively focus on smaller-scale interactions. The use of modern technologies can help fill that gap. In education, potentially interesting data is everywhere (even inside something like a class chat function).

Sick and bored one day, I decided to study my class' communications. Once the decision to study this data was made, it was easy to see what interesting information could be extracted.

In this talk, I will walk through how this study was conducted using features of an online classroom environment and modern data analysis technology. I will discuss study design, data collection, results, and spend a good amount of time on the analysis performed.

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  1. Nearly all data is good data-learn how to extract interesting things from data that you didn't even know you had (or even know was data).
  2. Learn how modern data analysis is making new things possible in educational research.
  3. Along the way, learn about some of the dynamics of an online class-some of which may carry over into non-online education.


  • Christopher Wolfram, Student Intern, Wolfram Research


Christopher Wolfram, Student Intern, Wolfram Research

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