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How to Win the Race: Bring Digital Audio to Masses

Radio reaches 93% of Americans weekly, but now is only the start of its transition online. This year, 30% of all radio listeners will engage with some form of Internet Radio. With existing user-generated, on-demand radio and streaming services experiencing rapid growth, the broadcasting industry is focused on establishing innovative digital strategies as a core part of their business. Broadcasters have entered an age where their programming can potentially reach beyond their tower’s 50-mile radius such that the addressable audience becomes… well, everyone, everywhere. Programming that couldn’t succeed in a local market can flourish globally. This panel brings together various voices in broadcasting (Cox, Emmis, Entercom) and digital audio services (SoundHound andTuneIn) to discuss and provide insights into the strategies that will be most successful to meet the needs of the quickly expanding global digital audience and win the war for listeners.

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  1. Why has radio taken longer than other mediums to transition into digital?
  2. What is at stake if broadcasting and media companies don’t craft and execute digital strategies immediately?
  3. How will the digital audio medium evolve over the next 2-3 years?
  4. What are the challenges broadcasters and audio services face in translating their content to the digital arena?
  5. What strategies will meet the needs of the quickly-expanding global digital audience and help companies win the war for listeners?



Deanna Decker, Account Manager, Allison+Partners

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