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New Partnerships in Digital Storytelling


Filmmakers and journalists each play a vital role in informing the American public. While journalists excel at breaking news, filmmakers illuminate the personal, human stories behind the headlines. The documentary film nonprofit Independent Television Service, The New York Times, The Atlantic, and others aim to combine exceptional filmmaking with in-depth journalism to engage audiences in the important social issues of our time. At this panel, major players in the dynamic media landscape will discuss the challenges and opportunities of this new model of in-depth storytelling, and provide insight on how journalists and filmmakers can work together to strike up critical conversations.

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  1. What do collaborations between filmmakers and journalists look like?
  2. How do news outlets build audiences for short-form docs and series?
  3. What opportunities does the explosion in video content offer independent filmmakers?


  • Karim Ahmad, Senior Digital Strategist, ITVS
  • Ann Derry, Editorial Director, Video Partnerships, The New York Times
  • Charlie Phillips, Head of Documentaries, The Guardian
  • Kasia Cieplak Mayr von Baldegg, Executive Producer, The Atlantic


Jennifer Samani, Development Project Manager, ITVS Interactive

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