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SXSWedu 2016

Lights, Buzzers, ButterflyBots & Girls in STEM

From blinking lights and buzzers on dough creatures to flittering butterfly bots, explore research-based best practice projects and strategies designed to excite girls about STEM careers. Learn the PBS “SciGirls Seven”, Proven Strategies for Engaging Girls in STEM, and tips for being an effective STEM role model (and for finding STEM role models). Discover innovative girl-friendly twists to hands-on STEM activities and collaboration ideas from Texas Girls Collaborative Project organizations such as the Women in Engineering Program at The University of Texas at Austin, Girlstart, Informal Science Learning Associates of Laredo (ISLA), the Girl Scouts of Central Texas, and the Houston Zoo.

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  1. Participants will understand and be able to apply the PBS SciGirls Seven: Proven Strategies for Engaging Girls in STEM.
  2. Participants will experience and understand best-practice facilitation techniques at least three girl-friendly STEM activities incorporating circuits.
  3. Participants will know where to find STEM role models, how to be an amazing role model, and tips for successful STEM role model-student interactions.



Tricia Berry, Dir, Women in Engineering Program, The University of Texas at Austin

Meta Information:

  • Tags: stem, girls in tech
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Instructional Strategies
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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