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Reaching Gold Standard Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a hot trend in K-12 education, which is good news for 21st century students and teachers, but there's danger in popularity. If not done well, PBL could become yesterday's trend. Poorly designed and managed projects could backfire on teachers. School and district leaders might not see that PBL is not a simple pedagogy and sustaining PBL over time requires careful planning, commitment, and cultural change. In our Summit, four highly interactive, hands-on sessions will help teachers design projects that meet our model for "gold standard PBL" and guide leaders in planning its systemic implementation.

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  1. Teachers & school leaders will understand the difference between "doing projects" & Gold Standard PBL, & reflect on Project Based Teaching Practices.
  2. Teachers will understand how to design authentic projects that engage students, guided by the Gold Standard Essential Project Design Elements.
  3. School and district leaders will understand how to lead a system-wide effort to adopt and institutionalize Gold Standard Project Based Teaching.



John Larmer, Editor in Chief, Buck Institute for Education

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