SXSW Interactive 2016

The Relativity of Customer Experience (CX)

We live in an extremely competitive market today. A recent survey found 79% of CEOs believe their products are being commoditized, and 89% believe that customer experience (CX) will be the key to differentiation. However, not many of them realize that CX is a big data challenge. This talk provides an overview of a scalable and sustainable strategy for creating great customer experiences. More importantly, we will also introduce a holistic framework for you to analyze your customers’ experience at every touch-point along their journey. We will also discuss the data and analytic requirement to use this framework.

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  1. What data and resources you need to quantify the CX for your customer base? And how to do this at every step and touch point along their journey?
  2. How to provide a holistic omni-channel understanding of your customers’ total experience at every touch point?
  3. Where you should focus your CX improvement efforts to get the most business impact? And how to kick-start your CX initiatives?


  • Michael Wu, Chief Scientist, Lithium


Francisca Fanucchi, PR Mgr, Lithium Technologies Inc

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