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SXSW Interactive 2016

5 Signs, Steps & Benefits of Nonstop Courage

We all have it. It’s called upon daily in our personal lives as we strive to find the edges of our potential, or to simply be better individuals. But once we step into the workplace, it disappears somehow. Why does courage stop in our professional lives? Is it the generic groupthink created by collaboration? Underlying “Cover My Ass” politics? Why do we shrink back from what we want to do? Join expert strategist, David Denham for a summary of insights and war stories sourced from interviews with executives who’ve made “make or break” decisions. This session avoids theory and delves into actual, real life insights from leaders who’ve learned to lead with their gut and act with courage.

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  • David Denham, President & Chief Strategy Officer, space150


Kristen Emmons, PR + Emerging Media Planner, space150

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