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SXSW Interactive 2016

Social-first Video and Legacy Branding

As the number of cord cutters increases, it's imperative that public media continues to meet its audience in the quickly growing digital landscape. At WGBH, a major producer of PBS broadcast content, we're actively working to meet this demand through short-form videos that continue the legacy of storytelling, education, and impact from our popular media brands. In this session, we'll look at examples of how NOVA, FRONTLINE, and ANTIQUES ROADSHOW are continuing to captivate and engage audiences with their own unique content and style through short-form video. We’ll share tips and challenges from our experiences and discuss what’s next as the digital landscape continues to change.

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  1. What challenges does public media face when expanding to short-form video platforms like YouTube?
  2. What elements of their brands have NOVA, FRONTLINE, and ANTIQUES ROADSHOW carried over from broadcast onto online platforms?
  3. With the introduction of native videos on platforms like Facebook, how is short-form video changing and what are you doing to respond to the changes?


  • Anna Rothschild, NOVA Digital Producer, WGBH
  • Carla Borras, FRONTLINE Coordinating Producer, WGBH
  • Dylan Leavitt, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Digital Field Producer, WGBH
  • Ralph Bouquet, NOVA Labs Outreach Coordinator, WGBH


Ralph Bouquet, NOVA Labs Outreach Coord, WGBH

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