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SXSW Interactive 2016

Brave New URL: Winning On Mobile-Social Platforms

The constant evolution of mobile, social, and desktop publishing has created a disruptive pace in the media industry. Audiences are bypassing the desktop and consuming content faster than ever before on platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and beyond. To succeed and continue growing, media players must adapt to keep up, whether by expanding content creation to new platforms or partnering with platform influencers to resonate natively with an audience. In this panel, experts in mobile-social platforms from Refinery29, Mashable, Vox Media, and NowThis News discuss the evolving media landscape, and what it takes to build an audience – and a brand – on distributed platforms.

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  1. What trends can we expect in digital publishing, and do you see IoT having an effect?
  2. As content consumption migrates to platforms like Snapchat and Facebook, how will publishers develop new monetization strategies?
  3. What challenges do you see coming out of the publishing space for the rest of this year?



Patrick Yee, EVP Mktg, Refinery29

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