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Latinos y Mobile: A Silver Bullet?

As the numbers of Latinos in the US continues to grow, we have heard that mobile will solve the digital divide in empowering the Latino population but what does that mean are we making the correct assumptions? Our panel brings in experts from all sides to explore the impact of the Hispanic voice on technology and, in turn, the impact of technology on the Hispanic voice. The panelists bring experience in politics, caused based organization, commercial campaigns and mobile in order to uncover trends in issue identification and activation around the Latino community as a whole and the subsets within that whole. Much like the consumer today can choose between various tablets and smartphones for functionality and personal identification the Latino Community is not one size fits all community. The Latino community in the U.S. today is one of the most dynamic and diverse of all communities from a socioeconomic, racial, political and country of origin perspective. We explore this diversity.

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  1. Is mobile empowering the Latino community?
  2. What information can we glean on the Latino community its preferences and trend lines from the "hard" data in this rapidly changing landscape?
  3. Is mobile and broadband the panacea that some have suggested?
  4. What can mobile connectivity do to help us locate the thoughts and trends within this powerful and dynamic group?
  5. How effectively is mobile currently being leveraged to understand and activate the Latino community?



Lou Aronson, CEO & Founder, Discourse Analytics, Inc.

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