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Teaching STEM Through Sports and Games


Baseball can teach statistics. Football can teach physics and force. Basketball can teach aerodynamics. Discovery Education, NFL Players Association and Electronic Arts (which recently released an educational version of its iconic Madden Football franchise) will host a panel about how we can engage kids in the fundamentals of science and other subjects through the use of sports-centric interactives. Joining them will be an NFL player, who will discuss what he’s learned about STEM from his work on the field.

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  1. Discussion of why games and sports and popular titles are key to grabbing the attention of young learners.
  2. Give concrete examples of science in sports that teachers in attendance can use when they return to their classrooms.
  3. How to discuss with naysayers the merits of using a popular consumer video game as an educational tool.


  • Ahmad Nassar, President, NFL Players, Inc.
  • Daryl Holt, Vice President and Head of Operations, EA Studios
  • A current NFL player to be confirmed closer to the conference date N/A, NFL player , National Football League
  • Lori McFarling, Senior Vice President, Discovery Education


Elizabeth Hillman, SVP Communications, Discovery Education

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