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SXSW Interactive 2016

Winter is Coming: Copyright Chill on Security

What do cyborg tinkerers, unlocked iPhones, car hacking and entrepreneurial farmers have in common? The surprising answer: copyright law. Seventeen years after Congress first wrote the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and on the cusp of new rule-making about exemptions for section 1201 of the DMCA, our panel of legal experts will cover the history, review current updates, explore implications for hackers and tinkerers, and propose possible avenues for copyright reform necessary to curb the chilling effect of the criminal penalties in the Copyright Act over rightful innovation. No prior knowledge of the topic or special technical knowledge necessary.

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  1. How does copyright law affect cyborg tinkerers, unlocked iPhones, car hacking, and entrepreneurial farmers alike?
  2. How does copyright law and its impact on security research and tinkering lead to impacts on the environment, software security, and personal health?
  3. What can tinkerers, makers, and users who fear potential legal repercussions associated with copyright law do to help change that law?



Laura Moy, Sr Policy Counsel, Open Technology Institute, New America

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